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VPRSTORONTO bird control VPRSTORONTO has been of service to thousands of clients in Toronto & the GTA for 15 years providing wildlife & bird control services. Our wildlife, bird & pigeon control services include a variety of solutions that include trapping, making the area inaccessible with mesh & netting, installing bird deterrent products like angle guards, needle guards, spikes or other wildlife & bird repellent means.

VPRSTORONTO will provide bird control solutions with complete dedication to solve your individual bird & pigeon problem(s). One of our trained staff members will visit your site – free of charge – to do a complete analysis.

From that analysis, we provide you with a detailed plan to solve your problem(s). We 100% guarantee you that once we are done we will completely eliminate your wildlife nuisance problem(s). Our goal with every project is complete client satisfaction, since we rely on your word of mouth advertisement, we count on you spreading the good word about us to your friends and neighbours, it’s what kept us in business for 15 years! Reminding you that we do service anywhere in Ontario and no job is ever too big or too small.

bird pigeon control torontoAs with any pest control situation, it is essential that you fully understand the creatures you are dealing with. You need to be able to identify them properly and to understand their habits and behaviour. If you do not do this, you run a significant risk of the systems you install failing. When you consider the high costs involved in getting back up to the high parts of a building to replace a system that no longer works, such failures can be very costly to you.


VPRSTORONTO also offers cleaning and disinfecting of bird & pigeon dropping areas. Pigeons are known to carry and transmit several diseases such as Pigeon Ornithosis, Encephalitis, Newcastle Disease, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Toxoplasmosis, Pseudo-Tuberculosis, Psittacosis, plus up to sixty more diseases!


VPRSTORONTO balcony bird_netting

Yes we also provide safety for your pets on the balcony, specially guaranteed to work with the more curious ones who like to adventure up on the railings and heights are the least of worries.
Our procedure is crucial it includes high strength netting that encloses your balcony we use double the hardware that holds up the netting in place creating high resistance and safety for all pets of different sizes and weight scales. Once in place it carries a resistance of upwards of 300lbs more than enough to clear your conscience and resist the most curious venture.

We guarantee you the best prices and service just by you keeping us a promise that when you are 110% satisfied you can tell your friends and neighbours about us, that’s how we are still able to stay in business!

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VPRSTORONTO has been of service to thousands of clients in and around GTA for 15 years. We humanely relocate pigeon problems with a variety of solutions that include trapping, making the area inaccessible with mesh, net, angle guard, needle guard, spikes or other appropriate means.

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