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Physical Bird Repellents keep pest birds from landing and roosting on flat surfaces like window ledges, parapet walls, light fixtures, window sills and other areas birds area problem. These bird repellent systems are usually easy to install, in expensive and effective against most types of birds. Types of physical bird repellents include:

  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird Wire
  • Electric Bird Repellent Systems
  • Bird Netting

Liquid Bird Repellents like bird gel and goose repellent, keep birds off your property by making it uncomfortable for them. The bird gels are a sticky substance that is applied to flat surfaces and causes a sensation on the bird’s feet that they do not like so they leave the area. Goose repellent is sprayed on the lawn and flavors it so the geese do not like the taste and will move on to a better area for grazing. Types of liquid bird repellents include:

  • Migrate Goose Repellent
  • EcoBird 4.0
  • Fog Force
  • BeakGuard for Woodpeckers
  • Bird OFF Gel

Sound Bird Repellents use the bird’s natural instinct of fear to scare them away from your property. The sound repellents play LOUD distress and predator calls of the birds. When they hear the calls, the bird’s natural instinct of fear kicks in and they flee the area for somewhere that is deemed safer. Types of sound bird repellents include:

  • Bird Chase Super Sonic
  • Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic
  • Sonic Shield


VPRSTORONTO has been of service to thousands of clients in and around GTA for 15 years. We humanely relocate pigeon problems with a variety of solutions that include trapping, making the area inaccessible with mesh, net, angle guard, needle guard, spikes or other appropriate means.

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