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Harmlessly “Educates” Pest Birds to Stay Away

Our low–profile electric track bird deterrent systems prevent birds from landing or nesting in unwanted areas. The unique electrically charged tracks impart a mild electrical shock when birds land on them. The shock will not harm birds, but will condition them to avoid the area.

Multiple Birds, Multiple Locations

Bird Jolt Flat Track systems are ideal for use in a multitude of applications where pest birds habitually perch and roost. This includes ledges, rooflines, parapet walls, i-beams, eaves, signs, and virtually any flat or curved surface. Electric tracks are highly effective for all bird species including pigeons, sparrows, gulls, starlings, crows and many others.


VPRSTORONTO has been of service to thousands of clients in and around GTA for 15 years. We humanely relocate pigeon problems with a variety of solutions that include trapping, making the area inaccessible with mesh, net, angle guard, needle guard, spikes or other appropriate means.

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