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residential pigeon controlVPRSTORONTO has been providing pigeon control services to thousands of clients in Toronto & the GTA for 15 years. We humanely relocate pigeon problems with a variety of solutions that include trapping, making the area inaccessible with mesh, pigeon netting, angle guard, needle guard, bird spikes or other appropriate means.

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Have you come to accept the arrangement of having pigeons at your apartment, home or your place of business? Or have they finally crossed the line and you need to take back control of your property? If so, it’s time to call us and we will completely resolve your pigeon pest issue. You will be able to enjoy the comfort of knowing that your property will be as clean as you left it the night before and you will no longer be disturbed at 6am from the incessant cooing of pigeons or having them make your home or workplace look like a dump and scaring your customers and guests away.

pigeon controlVPRSTORONTO will provide pigeon control solutions with complete dedication to solve your individual pigeon problem(s). One of our trained staff members will visit your site – free of charge – to do a complete analysis.

As with any pest control situation, it is essential that you fully understand the creatures you are dealing with. You need to be able to identify them properly and to understand their habits and behaviour. If you do not do this, you run a significant risk of the systems you install failing. When you consider the high costs involved in regular cleaning of pigeon droppings and in getting back up to the high parts of a building to replace a system that no longer works, such failures can be very costly to you.

pigeon control torontoVPRSTORONTO offers cleaning and disinfecting of pigeon dropping areas. Pigeons are known to carry and transmit several diseases such as Pigeon Ornithosis, Encephalitis, Newcastle Disease, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Toxoplasmosis, Pseudo-Tuberculosis, Psittacosis, plus up to sixty more diseases!

Includes scrapping, brushing, droppings pick up we also terminate all the bacteria left behind by spraying the floors wi

th a special chemical that destroys it and desinegrates the bird droppings forever. The chemical is perfectly safe for you and your pets.

We also provide a service not offered by any other company which is the floor painting with the proper cement paint. We will restore your balcony floors to its original colour and will have a brand new look in the end!

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VPRSTORONTO has been of service to thousands of clients in and around GTA for 15 years. We humanely relocate pigeon problems with a variety of solutions that include trapping, making the area inaccessible with mesh, net, angle guard, needle guard, spikes or other appropriate means.

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