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Tips To Prevent Skunks, Raccoons and Possums from Inhabiting Your Backyard

If skunks, raccoons and possums are tearing apart your garbage, digging up your garden or making a bedroom out of your shed, try these tips to encourage them to move on.

  • Light the area: try hanging a mechanics light, lantern or use large flashlights to light the area and leave it lit. Nocturnal animals are sensitive to light and are likely to move.
  • Permeate the area with a strong smell: put ammonia, bleach, or other strong smelling liquid in small containers with holes poked in the lid, and place around the area. Other deterrents are available at your local garden or hardware stores.
  • Disturb the peace: use an old clock radio set to talk radio or a rock station. The noise will most likely be an irritant to your guest.
  • Prevent temptation: double bag your garbage and use cans with lids to prevent them smelling your yummy leftovers, and to make it more difficult for them to access it.
  • Keep your pets inside: pests are attracted to dog and cat food. Keeping pet food inside can reduce the amount of wildlife traffic in your backyard. Be sure to keep pets inside, unless supervised, as raccoons and other mammals may see your family cat as dinner for its babies. Wildlife can carry various diseases (including rabies) that can be passed on to your cat or dog and make them very ill and even result in death.

Never try to approach or catch any wildlife even if it appears injured!



VPRSTORONTO has been of service to thousands of clients in and around GTA for 15 years. We humanely relocate pigeon problems with a variety of solutions that include trapping, making the area inaccessible with mesh, net, angle guard, needle guard, spikes or other appropriate means.

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