Discover Effective Bird Control Methods Through Our Services

At Vprstoronto, we provide a wide range of solutions for your bird control needs. Our methods are completely safe and harmless to these creatures. It includes bird netting, bird spikes, and electric track systems.

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Electric Track Systems

Our low-profile electric track bird deterrent system prevents them from landing or nesting in unwanted areas. It imparts a mild electrical shock when birds land on them. It won’t harm birds, but will condition them to avoid the area.

Multiple Birds, Multiple Locations

These track systems are ideal for use in various spaces where pest birds perch and roost. This includes ledges, rooflines, parapet walls, and any flat or curved surface.

Electric tracks are highly effective for all bird species such as pigeons, sparrows, gulls, starlings, crows, and more.

Bird Netting

We do professional bird netting installations with your choice of two highly effective types of material. Both are barely visible and will not get in your way at all!

Strong Knotted Netting

It can keep the birds from further damaging your building’s ventilation system. We can create any form or shape you can think of through our custom-built frameworks.

  • The Strongest Bird Netting at the Lowest Price
  • Industry-Leading (6-Year Guarantee)
  • #1 Specified by Architects
  • ISO 1806 Mesh Test
  • U.V. Stabilized, Rot Proof, and Waterproof
  • Flame Resistant (With a 250 Degree Melt Point)
  • “Sub-Zero” Stable and Non-Conductive

Economy Netting

This netting application extends around your balcony or any property that needs full protection.

  • PollyNet is flexible, easy to cut, and quick to install. It also looks good.
  • All PollyNet grades are seamless and knotless nets.
  • It can be installed on, over, under, and around an endless list of objects and openings.
  • Lightweight netting has 3/4” mesh to keep out even the smallest birds. Use it where low visibility and economy are more important than durability.
  • It carries a 1-year warranty.

Bird Spikes

Vprstoronto sells and installs premium stainless steel and polycarbonate bird spikes that offer effective and humane solutions to deter larger birds. These are easy to install on most flat or curved surfaces.

With a patented center spike design that provides no gaps for birds to nest between, they are made of durable materials that are resistant to the sun and weather. These become virtually invisible once installed.

Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes

These harmless spikes come in 2-feet sections.

Stainless steel spikes are used on buildings and structures to keep pest birds from landing and roosting. These are easy to install—can be glued, screwed, or tied down. They are also virtually invisible and will fit any contour because of their flexibility.

They have an industry-leading guarantee of 10 years, backed up by architects, contractors, and government agencies.

Gutter Bird Spikes

These are ideal for keeping birds from nesting and clogging gutters or drains. When attached, they will not be able to land on the uneven surface or get access to the gutter area.

The spikes have a 10-year guarantee, are available in 2-feet sections that are 5 inches wide, and are sold for 50 and 100 feet per box. They have three adjustable clamps along the base for easy attachment to the lip of a gutter.

They are made with stainless-steel pins, a UV-protected polycarbonate base, and three clamps along the base.

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Vprstoronto offers various products that are effective and harmless to the wildlife. Reach out to us today if you want to learn more about our offers.